Thinking of You


The after-effects of falling off a cliff had turned Marin's body into a mass of screaming pain. And yet, even in its severely abused state, her Cloth had managed to protect her somehow. Or, is it that the Cosmo she had released to aid Seiya had also saved her from the deadly fall?
   Feeling the cold boulder on her skin, a detached corner of her mind whispered: "I am still alive." long as I can still move, I must fight for Athena... I must go help Seiya...!
   But try as she might, her body simply did not respond to her desperate will as if it was not her own.
   Rallying her still murky consciousness, she searched for her pupil's Cosmo--- one which was so familiar to her through six years of training him, a Cosmo that had now grown to an unimaginable extent.
   Yes, there it is. He is alive. So you are still fighting on, Seiya?
   And then here I am--- I can't even move my little frustrating. Got to... burn my Cosmo...any little bit that is left in me...
   But her consciousness was slipping away into a deeper abyss.
   Maybe this is it, it's the end.
   The moment her will almost faltered, suddenly her surroundings brightened. At the same time, she felt her body heat up, as if the sluggish circulation in her body had suddenly burst into life.Her heart screamed in protest at this sudden onslaught but then was immediately soothed. Marin distinctly felt a Cosmo urging her heart to beat, at the same time mitigating the stabbing pain that was squeezing the organ. A warm Cosmo,not her own but one with which she was familiar, great, powerful and yet gentle. Who...? I know this Cosmo--it is somewhat distant though.
   On the brink of recognition,she opened her eyes. The deep blue of the sky, filtered through the green leaves of trees, filled her sight through her mask.

She carefully probed her entire body with her consciousness, finding the leaden weight gone.Marin sat up gingerly. I'm all right. There's some pain left, but I can move. She looked around again, but there was still no one in sight. Was it a dream? No, someone definitely DID use Healing on me. She still felt its lingering after-effects, a slight burning sensation that even now continued to make pain and fatigue ebb away.
   "...a good Healing," Marin muttered.
   Suddenly, she recalled the face of her friend who was gifted in Healing. The Cosmo that had just gently enveloped her---her memory was vague and dream-like, and yet, was it not unlike him?
   "Can't be. He must be in the Temple of Leo right now..."
   ...which reminded her of the unpleasant nonsense uttered by that piece of turd Jaki (where the hell is his body, anyway?) who had caused Marin to fall off the cliff in the first place. "Seiya will die in the Temple of Leo"--- was that what he had said?
   Seiya. Marin had instinctively looked for her pupil again and again, even when she was unconscious. She tried again now. There it was, a Cosmo that was growing even now, and yet lacking in its usual vivacity and flickering unsteadily.Near him was ... was it Dragon Shiryuu? They were now in the Temple of Scorpio. So now they are facing Milo of Scorpio. No easy opponent, that, but this surely meant that the two Bronze Saints had managed to pass the preceding 3 Temples...?
   So that turd Jaki, he just meant to distract me with his stupid lies! Marin thought with some venom, but her own thoughts caught her off guard. Why DID she feel so "distracted"?

"Seiya will die in the Temple of Leo"

Was she distracted by the possibility of Seiya dying... or by the possibility that the Saint of Leo had become an enemy?
   After mulling it over in her head, Marin shook her head. "Why worry, since that's just impossible," she muttered. And in reality, Seiya and Shiryuu WERE already at the Temple of Scorpio!
   With her mind, she probed the area around the Temple of Leo almost subconsciously, looking for the Cosmo of the Gold Saint who also was one of the few whom she considered to be a true friend.
   ... What?! I can't sense him! Alarmed, she concentrated all her attention to the Temple of Leo but was still unable to locate anyone. At least, nobody that was alive.
   No, this cannot be... Could it be that Seiya actually killed...?!
   This was so unthinkable, it bordered on being ridiculous. Aiolia had always treated Seiya like his own younger brother, training him with more devotion at times than Marin had. On his part, Seiya reciprocated Aiolia's sentiment, always tagging along and accepting Aiolia's advice even more readily than accepting Marin's. So it was just unimaginable that those two would fight each other to the death.Even knowing about the incident in Japan, Marin had a hard time believing that anything like this was even remotely possible.

But what if, for whatever dire reason, Aiolia had tried to stop Seiya from passing the Temple of Leo? And Seiya had resolved to pass at all costs? To save Athena, Seiya wouldn't hesitate to fight even Aiolia. There is just no way that Seiya could best Aiolia of Leo in a serious fight...but given Seiya's unbelievable power when on the brink,, no, one-in-a-billion chance...!

"Aiolia!" Now fully alarmed, Marin no longer could just sit there; she HAD to do something. Ignoring the lingering pain, Marin hoisted herself to her feet, almost losing her balance in the process. Even having been Healed by someone, the damage to her body was still considerable. She barely managed to not fall. And then---


   "Yes, what about me?"
   Suddenly, without any warning, a quiet voice spoke behind me. Even though I pride myself as the most level-headed of Silver Saints, I was shocked out of my wits. The shock was all the greater, given my firm belief that no one would ever be able to blindside me by eluding my fine-tuned ability to sense their presence.
   Flustered, I tried to turn around and quite nearly lost my balance.
   Someone grabbed my arms and held me, preventing me from falling. Golden resplendence dazzled my eyes, making me dizzy for a split second.
   "Are you all right?!"
   The name escaped me like a sigh. Just the person I was worried about, and all of a sudden, here he is in this unlikely place. Talk about being surprised and confused! Thus stunned out of my wits, I stayed in his arms a bit longer than expected, causing him to look at me anxiously. "...Marin? Are you all right?"
   "...Yes, I'm fine. Just don't stand behind me, suppressing your Cosmo like that!"
   "O-oh, sorry about's a habit..."
   I was just taking it out on him to hide my confusion. Of course I already knew that Aiolia had long hidden his true identity as a Gold Saint, which had always forced him to suppress his Cosmo in front of everyone. And yet he was apologizing to me sincerely, probably because I did look rather stunned.

"And why are you here? Shouldn't you be guarding the Temple of Leo?"
   "Had to take care of something. I'm going back now," he said adding: "All I will be doing now is just waiting, though. "His voice was quiet as usual, which further made me doubt that he had been fighting Seiya at all.
   "Aiolia, so Seiya did pass through Temple of Leo, right?"
   "Yes. He's now at... Temple of Scorpio, I see."
   "So that's it. I knew the story had to be a lie," I said with relief. Seeing Aiolia's inquisitive eyes, I explained: "That you, Aiolia of Leo, were going to kill Seiya."
   "I knew it was a stupid gossip, and..."
   "It wasn't a lie."
   He said quietly, so quietly that it was almost like a whisper.
   "I DID try to kill Seiya, and would have done so, were it not for Cassios."
   "Cassios? Shaina's pupil?" What did Cassios have to do with anything? He and Shaina detested me and Seiya and gave us a lot of grief just because we were Japanese. It was unfortunate that both boys were born under the constellation of Pegasus and thus fated to fight each other... But back to the issue at hand.
   Did Aiolia really intend to kill Seiya?
   "But why? How is this...?"
   "It's because.... Never mind, the reason isn't important. The fact is, I intended to kill Seiya, your pupil, and failed. It's that simple."
   So he tried to kill a boy whom he had trained like his own pupil, a boy he had treated like his own brother. There HAD to be deep reasons for this. A decision he undertook, resolving to own up to all the consequences?
   But Aiolia didn't seem inclined to explain.
   "...Aren't you angry with me, Marin?"
   "Angry? Why?"
   "Because, like I said, I tried to..."
   "Look. I understand the difficult situation you are in, and also the crazy task Seiya is trying to accomplish."
   Besides, I added in my mind, I'm the one who started all this with a cryptic message in the sand...

"Seiya, protect Athena."

Aiolia looked at me steadily. "...'the difficult situation', you say. If that were the only thing that was bothering me, then I wouldn't...."
   Suddenly, Aiolia's Cosmo floundered. His Cosmo, which had never, ever faltered, regardless of what anyone said or did to him...until now.
   "...?! Are you all right?"
   Alarmed, I looked at his face more closely. His color was none too good. Maybe he's not in the shape to be using Healing on me. Is it possible that this was due to the after-effects of his battle with Seiya...? Has Seiya grown so much that he inflicted real damage on Aiolia of Leo? If that were true, then maybe I should be happy as Seiya's master---but right now, Aiolia's well-being was the main concern. He was biting his lip and holding his head in pain, beads of sweat glistening on his forehead.
   Something was wrong. His Cosmo, which I had come to know so well, was not the same... What exactly had happened, is happening?
   And then.
   Breathing heavily, Aiolia fell to his knees.
   I was absolutely horrified---Aiolia, who had never, ever shown any weaknesses, at least not to my face...

"..Aiolia! What's wrong?! It's not like you to be so beat after fighting that idiot pupil of mine! You, the Gold Saint of Leo!!"
   The Gold Saint of Leo. Only recently revealed to the rest of the Sanctuary, his true identity had always been the source of Aiolia's strength. The fact that the Gold Cloth of Leo had selected him was the absolute pillar of his pride..!
   But Aiolia's whisper was filled with pain."...The Gold Saint of Leo...who raised his fists against a Cloth-less soldier and killed him..."
   "Not only Cassios. Silver saints, too... [*1]... I ...."
   I did not understand half of what he was saying. There must have been some incidents at the Sanctuary while I was gone.
   "Marin... I am absolutely terrified of myself... I had always, always strictly controlled myself..."

His creed, as one with tremendous power to do harm:---
To protect the powerless,
To hold reprehensible, the act of raising one's fist against those
that are weaker, without---or even with---provocation

That Aiolia had never allowed himself to react to insults or violence from others wasn't due solely to his tacit consent to be punished as a younger brother of a traitor. It also stemmed from his pride as a man with tremendous innate capacity for power. What bolstered this pride were the strong sense of self-restraint and incredible mental fortitude he had fostered through countless trials and tribulations.
   And yet. This man of incredible gentleness and discipline of steel---he had killed Cassios, a mere foot-soldier of the Sanctuary.
   "...Power is such a horrible thing. Weak ones are helpless before it. A creed ceases to matter. I... I couldn't resist hard enough, that terrible destroy everything, to kill the enemy...Oh, how easy it was to just let go and wreak even felt good..."
   As I listened to Aiolia utter these words of anguish, I remembered the first time I wore my Silver Cloth. And I thought, that rush is heady enough to make some feel they can accomplish anything...


   All of a sudden, an intense pain derailed my train of throught. Two hands, extended as if in supplication---two hands that trembled like his voice filled with anguish---had gripped my upper arms, crushing in their intensity.
   My mind was roiling fiercely with emotion.
   Oh, the Saint of Leo! You, who are so strong and beautiful...That you had become my friend had always made me proud. How I looked up to you, even knowing that I cannot reach the summit you have attained. No, I don't want to see you like this, hear you in pain like this. You, who had always stood strong and looked straight ahead, no matter what the adversity, without a single word of complaint...
   No, I absolutely cannot permit you to be like this!

   Maybe I had sadly forgotten that Aiolia, as awe-inspiring as he was, was also human.

"I still hear that voice, Marin... the voice in the back of my mind that says, "Show them! No need to hold back anymore. Show those that had always mistreated you..."
   Aiolia. That was always possible, only you never wanted it to happen, always, always restraining yourself. Those poor fools who spited you, they were always standing on a sheet of ice above a freezing ocean though they never knew it...! And yet, the sheet of ice had never cracked, never during those 13 years that you had endured as a younger brother to "That Traitor Aiolos", the 13 years during which you stood straight and true, no matter the storm that beat down on you...
   I now began to understand how the death of Cassios weighed down upon Aiolia, the proud Gold Saint of Leo. If that death was dealt based on Aiolia's own conscious decision, his pain would have been considerably less. There are very few in this world that can match the prowess of a Gold Saint, and having been on numerous missions in the past, Aiolia must have had to kill opponents who were weaker than himself. In the case of confrontation in Japan, I now saw that Aiolia had indeed taken it upon himself to fight Seiya---to kill him if necessary. Wrongly or rightly, it was the decision he had made himself, and therefore prepared to fully take the consequences.
   But this, the battle with Seiya at the Temple of Leo and the subsequent death of Cassios, was different...!
   "I was powerless to resist... caused Seiya harm, killed Cassios, ... and may have even harmed Athena...!"
   Ah. The fact that you had cost Athena some precious time in this deadly race for Her life---that is also hurting your pride as a Saint...
   I MUST HAVE YOU OVERCOME THIS....! Or else, what's to become of my admiration for you...?

   Before I knew it, I was screaming at him at the top of my lungs.

   "So WHAT?!"

As if I actually had the right to say these things. I was spitting out epithets and curses faster than bullets. So much for being the most level-headed Silver Saint.
   More than anything, I wanted to make you MAD, to make you snap and shout back at me: "What the hell do you know, " or "Oh and what gives you the right?!"
   But you only punished yourself even more, your face twisted with self-derision.

   "My Gold Cloth... it is too heavy for me to bear..."
   "Oh, don't be such an idiot! Look, the Cloth is still protecting you, still chooses you as its Saint. Why can't you respond to that trust?!"
   Still, Aiolia did not raise his face nor was able to respond.
   The reality of Cassios' death is so heavy upon your heart, is it, Aiolia? ... That is because you, as powerful a Saint as you are, understand what human suffering is. And this understanding makes you so horrified and fearful of hurting others, especially those who are weaker than you...

But can't you see? The fact that Cassios' death is tormenting you already proves that there's nothing for you to worry about. You are still yourself. You lost control ONCE, so what?! You suppress yourself too much, Aiolia! Or maybe what you need to do is....

"Hey, maybe it IS high time you taught those bastards some lessons in pain and suffering! They are the ones who need to learn, not you!"
   "....What? What are you saying, Marin...?"
   I knew what I said was rather violent, almost bordering on shock therapy. What carnage would result if a Gold Saint really let himself go? That was not hard to imagine.......

"I'm saying: teach those bastards what pain is. They are the ones who mistreated you for over 10 years based on a crime that wasn't yours! Why hesitate? You are a darned soft fool to let them off the hook! Make them suffer!"
   "....I cannot do that."
   A weak protest from Aiolia further enraged me. Why are you so shaken by my words? As if what I'm saying is so preposterous, almost blasphemous?
   "What, your pride as a Gold Saint prohibits you?"
   "What, your pride as a Gold Saint doesn't permit you to even be slightly pissed off at those cowards, just because they are weaker than you? So you let them bark at you and you just take it in silence?"
   "...Yes... but..."
   So you can't deny it, can you? That incomprehensible pride of you Gold Saints. I don't get it, being a lowly non-Gold Saint that I am!
"But how about your dignity as a human being?! They treated you like trash, held you in so much contempt and disgust---there's something wrong with you not to lose your temper! Ha, they can't complain or whine NOW, can they? Just take as much revenge on them as your sweet heart desires!"
   "...Can' that."
   "Why the hell NOT?!"
   He shouted. I had never heard him shout before, not like that. I stopped and looked at him silently for a long while.

I don't know how much time had passed, before I quietly asked him.
   "You don't wish it?"
   "No, I do not wish it." Still hanging his head, Aiolia repeated in a low, drained voice.
   You really hate it, don't you---hurting people. No matter that you are a Gold Saint, that you are one of the strongest fighters in the world....
   "...I see. You are so gentle, Aiolia."
   His head snapped up and he looked at me in total astonishment, as if he had been struck by a bolt of lightning. The look of total shock was almost adorable.
   "If that's the case, Aiolia, there's nothing to worry about, is there? You won't hurt anyone unless you wish to. And you will never wish to hurt anybody..."
   Maybe this was like hypnosis.
   "So you are all right, Aiolia. And besides, I hear a voice too, telling me sometimes to just kick Seiya to death and be rid of that nuisance!"
   "...uh, Marin.... ?" Finally, a slight grin of mock disapproval from Aiolia, like his normal self. What a relief.
   " I am all right?" He asked slowly.
   "Yes. You are all right," I replied.
   "...Marin, please tell me again."
   "? You are all right."
"...Just one more time."
   "Sure. You, the Gold Saint of Leo, are ALL RIGHT. You are bedrock. So there's nothing to worry about."
   Now this really was starting to feel like hypnosis!
   A Gold Saint, fully clad in his Gold Cloth, is leaning against me with his eyes closed, listening to me hypnotize him.
   What an odd sight, I wondered vaguely in the corner of my mind." ...So I am all right. I AM all right, right?"
   "...Should I repeat this 100 more times?"
   "No. I think this is enough..."
   Lifting his face again, Aiolia withdrew from my arms. Feeling his weight shift away, I somehow felt a pang of regret. Why this feeling...?

"...OK, then could you do me a favor?" I asked.
   "Hm?" Aiolia looked at me.
   "....Could you please release my arms?"
   "Huh?! ...Oh, I am SO sorry...!!!"
   He let go immediately, quite contrite, but I couldn't help breathing out a long sigh of relief. Wow, I really thought he was going to break my arms! He probably didn't realize it, but Gold-Clothed as he is, his grip is like a vise. That was pretty close.
   As I shook my arms to relieve the numbness, he looked at me rather guiltily and asked, "...Does it still hurt?"
   "Uh, a little. I DID remember to protect myself with my Cosmo."Aiolia himself was the one who taught me the technique of increasing protection in particular parts of the body under stress by concentrating one's Cosmo.
   "Should I Heal you?"
   "No, that's not necessary. ...Weren't you on your way back to the Temple of Leo?"
   "Yes... How about you, Marin? Will you be going after Seiya now?"
"Well... Let me see.."
   That idiot pupil of mine was already at the Temple of Scorpio... and besides, I probably couldn't do much for Seiya, who had long surpassed the level of Silver Saints.
   Maybe this was the chance to go investigate some things of interest. The fact that the Sanctuary was in an uproar provided an excellent opportunity for some poking around.
   "Some things of interest?" asked Aiolia.
   "Yes. It's about the Pope. There have been some strange rumors about him."
   I didn't notice that Aiolia had suddenly become silent.
   "Maybe this is my chance to go climb Star Hill, for example."
   "...Star Hill? Are you serious? That is..."
   "Yes, a hill for star-gazing strictly reserved for the Pope. More like a mountain, actually."
   "But... the only person allowed there is the Pope, there's no one else who knows the way..."
   "That's why I intend to climb it, literally."
   "You mean, trailblaze your own path...?"
   I shrugged at Aiolia who sounded nonplussed by my audacity.
   "If Pope is the only one allowed there.... Any secret hidden there won't be found out by others, right?"
   He probably was resigned that I won't change my mind. After a deep sigh, Aiolia suddenly pulled me close to him.
   "...What the...?! "
   I was in his arms before I could protest, barely able to move in his sure embrace. Not at all like the light one he gave me when I almost fell earlier. Not quite understanding the situation, I was flustered, my cheeks burning beneath my mask.
   "...Um, Aiolia? What..."
   "I am going to Heal you. I need you to synchronize with me this time."
   "Healing. I am a bit too beat right now to try it without synchronization, so help me."
   Oh, I see. What the heck was I thinking, anyway?
Shaking my head to rid of confusion, I directed my attention to synchronizing our Cosmos.
   For Healing, having both the Healer and the wounded synchronize their Cosmos yields better results, and the stress on the Healer is alleviated. I knew all this but was a bit anxious about him explicitly asking for synchronization. He had said, "...a bit too beat to try it without synchronization". This was coming from Aiolia, who under normal circumstances didn't even ask for synchronization because he was so good at Healing; so good, in fact, that he could even Take In the wound [*2] without the consent of the wounded.
   But really, how warm it is. How warm like the sun, his Cosmo, and such a good feeling...
   It made me remember how, in this dog-eat-dog Sanctuary, the only warmth I felt was from Seiya and Aiolia. As much as I love to rag on my idiot pupil, I must admit that my life took on a brighter outlook when Seiya came, and Aiolia probably felt the same way...
   "How is it?"
   "Hm... good. I feel much better. Thanks."
   The warm Cosmo faded away, and Aiolia stepped away without hesitation.
   It's that feeling again, why do I feel that pang of regret?

Suddenly, Aiolia's face twisted in pain, and his hand shot to his forehead. My heart racing now with anxiety, I asked: "What's wrong?"
   "Oh. No, it's just Mu sending me a message."
   "Mu---you mean Mu of Aries? Has something happened??"
   "No, it's just... he found out I just used Healing..."
   "Found out? So what? " I was nonplussed. What's the big deal, surely nothing to babble about via telepathy...unless.
   Oh, no...!
   "Wait a sec, Aiolia. Has he told you NOT to use Healing?"
   "...Um, now that you mention it, maybe he DID tell me something like that..."
   "Don't try to skirt the issue! Are you really THAT unwell?!"
   So unwell that he couldn't even "force" synchronization like usual? Don't look away from me, you fool!
   "But you were in pretty dire condition yourself, when I found you earlier, you know?" Aiolia replied defensively.
   I had completely forgotten about that---falling off a high cliff. So I WAS in a really bad shape, a fact which I had forgotten due to the strength of Healing by Aiolia.
   "Well, I know I should be thanking you for saving me, but the second Healing---that was quite unnecessary! Why can't you worry about yourself for once?!"
   But lecturing him was going to do absolutely no good, not on this topic. That, I knew too well. Really, he is impossible!
   His reply was: "But you want to climb Star Hill, right? That won't be easy if you aren't in your best condition!"
   "...You are right. Thanks. For what it's worth, I will apologize personally to Mu of Aries the next time I see him."
   "OK, though I doubt that will soothe Mu's irritation."
   Again, he smiled his light mocking smile, just like his usual self. I was relieved and yet a little sad at the same time.

My guess was that it was incredibly rare for Aiolia to show any signs of weakness in front of others---very rare, if at all. He would absolutely avoid this, most particularly in front of his few true friends like Milo of Scorpio, because he would not want to give his friends any causes to be worried. The fact that Aiolia had just shown me a sign of vulnerability---even if it was just this once, and never again,---maybe it meant something precious. I could only hope that I had been of some help to him.
   In all honesty, I WANT to be able to help you, to give back half of---no, just even a small fraction of---what you have done for me over the years.
   And yet, I know you---you will continue to stand alone, as you always have...

   Somehow, that thought made my heart twinge even more.

   "Well, I'm off, Marin. Be careful."
You don't stop me---is it because you are resigned to the fact you can't stop me...or because you trust me?
   "...The same to you. Don't do anything rash, just stay put in the Temple of Leo."
   "That's up to Seiya and his friends. It may very well be that I have to fight the Pope."
   "No, I won't lose to Him this time---I won't give in to Him."
   You are the one who can never be dissuaded, aren't you? It's just hopeless to try to stop you. You say you will fight the Pope, even when your condition is so bad that Mu's prohibited you from using Healing?
   "...but it's very possible too that there will be no need for that," Aiolia added, smiling at me. "Your pupil---what an amazing Saint he has become. He and his friends will save Athena."
   "Don't stoke his ego, Aiolia. That idiot will puff up with hot air."
   No, really, that idiot always puffed his chest out anytime Aiolia praised him.
   "...You are ever the strict master, eh, Marin?" replied Aiolia, lifting the corner of his lips in amusement. I didn't know at this point that Aiolia had already given Seiya and his friends the highest compliment he could give anyone: "you really are true Saints of Athena." In all honesty, though, I did feel a surge of pride and gladness that Seiya had grown that much... and also just a slight twinge of jealousy.
   Yes, I had always been proud to call you my friend... but Aiolia, how do you see ME as a Saint?

"All right, take care---and be careful," he repeated again. Is it because I don't seem reliable to him?
   After looking up at the sky for a brief moment in consternation, I watched Aiolia walk away. Countless times, I had watched him walk away on his way to one mission or another.

The Gold Saint of Leo, always taking his lonesome road,
Always standing his ground in solitude,
   ...A man of fortitude who needs no one to support him.

I have always known that.
   But if there ever is a time that you need someone to lean on, let it be me who will be there for you.

   "Hmmm... a Gold Saint, leaning on me, eh? Maybe it's presumptuous to even think that..."
   Presumption or not, who cares? This is just what my heart is telling me...
   His receding Cosmo was strong and steady like it had always been.
   Maybe it will never falter again...
   May he never falter again.
   And yet. If he ever does... then please, let him lean on me.

   I laughed a bit at myself, finding it contradictory to think that I reacted so negatively to seeing his weakness a short while ago, and yet was now hoping I will be the one he will come to in time of need.
   Oh well, what could I do. A heart's desire is not always rational.

Aiolia's Cosmo had seemingly disappeared out of range toward the Temple of Leo. It was still possible to sense him, of course, if Marin concentrated a bit more... but this was not the time. She had her own things to do.
   "...Time for me to go a-mountain-climbin'."
   Changing her mental gears a bit, Marin started on her own way.
   What she didn't realize was that Aiolia was still nearby. He had suppressed his Cosmo entirely with his usual impeccable skill and was quietly watching her take her leave. As her back retreated from his sight, he whispered softly,
   "...Take care of yourself, Marin..!"

Japanese Ver.


   Footnotes: 1. Another story describes a scene in which a mind-controlled Aiolia beats down a group of disgraced Silver Saints as a form of punishment.

Ft: 2. "Taking In the wound" refers to one of author's original concepts regarding Healing. If a Healer is powerful enough, s/he can "remove" someone's wound completely in exchange for taking on an identical wound him/herself.

Comments for the readers who will be reading the English translation:
   These fanfics were originally written in Japanese by Hikaru, the owner of this site( Kakuemi Senki). Given the relative shortage of Saint Seiya fanfictions in English, I was very happy to get the opportunity to translate Hikaru's excellent works. Her writing centers on the character Leo Aiolia, but she offers some very interesting insights into other characters as well.
   During the translation process, I did my best to stay true to both the original content and the style in which the story was written. If you notice any imperfections or stylistic awkwardness in the translation, the fault is completely mine (the translator) and not the original author's. Please keep that in mind.
   Last but not least, I would like to thank Hikaru for graciously agreeing to host my translations on her site.

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